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Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Although becoming a parent is an exciting journey, there are hurdles involved. We at Woodland Play Patch are dedicated to make this experience as fun and stress-free as we can. We not only give your kids a safe haven of amusement and joy, but we also give new parents crucial feeding support.

Comfort while nursing:

We are aware of how important it is for breast feeding mothers to have a cosy environment . At our play facility, you'll find a comfortable setting where you may feed your baby in quiet and comfort amid a friendly environment.

Feeding Formula Convenience

We also have coverage for parents who prefer formula feeding. Facilities for warming bottles and preparing formula are available at our facility. Our goal is to make feeding time for your baby stress-free.

Parental Relationship

Parenthood is a wonderful experience that is best shared. At Woodland Play Patch our ideology is to develops a community of parents who can share stories and advice. During this period of transition, you can find comfort and company there.

Balanced Play and Nourishment

We believe that play and nourishment go hand in hand. Our play centre creates the perfect environment for your child to engage in imaginative play and build up an appetite for feeding time. It's an opportunity for them to learn and grow while you relish the precious moments of parenthood.

Join Us for Feeding Support

In conclusion, at Woodland Play Patch we're more than just a place for kids to play; we're a supportive community for new parents. Our feeding support services are designed to ease the challenges of parenthood, so you can focus on creating lasting memories with your little ones. Come join us for a day of fun, nourishment, and connection.


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