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New Mam Social  -Monday  12-1.30 - baby scales available to weigh babies.


Our new mam socials are designed as a safe space for all mams to come with their babies and meet other mams who have had babies around the same time. We understand how lonely having a baby can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Sophie is on hand for each session to make introductions and ensure conversation is flowing.

New Mam Socials are an opportunity for New Mams to come together and meet other mams in the area. Designed more for mams than babies, we aim to bring mams together and help them find new friends and support group for those who need it. We have weighing scales and breast feeding supporting available every week aswell as a WhatsApp group to encourage support and friendships. 

Alongside our session, we have a closed group on facebook for our customers to join and a whatsapp group to ensure relationships are maintained outside of Woodland.


New Mam Socials are £3.50 can be booked here

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