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About Us

Owned and ran by Craig and Sophie Williams, parents to their son Avery and Ivy-Isabella, Woodland Play Patch was designed to offer a welcoming and calming play space to all parents, carers, babies and toddlers within County Durham and across the North East of England.

After giving birth to Avery, Sophie felt limited with places that she could take Avery to, that had a focus specifically on babies and younger toddlers. Most places that were available were targeted towards older toddlers with a small baby pen and were so large and busy that often anxiety of taking Avery out meant that she often stayed at home.

After attending a local toddlers group in Durham, where she met like minded mums, Sophie realised the importance of building a strong mum friendship circle and over the years from Avery being born to opening Woodland Play Patch, has created some strong mum friendships that she knows she has for life.


After being "that mum" herself, Sophie and Craig wanted to create a space where mothers, fathers and carers can come with new born babies and toddlers, without the chaos of soft play. Somewhere intimate, where over time, customers will always see a familiar face and to encourage mums to sit together, talk and socialise. Somewhere, that allows the children to grow and develop where they can come as babies and enjoy until they start school. 

Five years on, Sophie is now lucky enough to benefit from Woodland Play Patch herself. After giving birth to their second child, daughter Ivy during the Pandemic, Sophie now has a strong community of mams, who she has met from Woodlands New Mam Socials.

Although Woodland Play Patch was interrupted during the pandemic, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our customers over the last three years and seeing how the little ones use their imaginations with our toys. We have a strong, loyal customer base of families who enjoy talking to other families, who there is always a friendly face when you visit.  So if you have not been before we look forward to welcoming you to WOODLAND PLAY PATCH very soon.



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