COVID 19 Update

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus 2019, on the 20th of March 2020, we closed our doors, to protect the public, not knowing when and how we would be able to re-open.

During the lockdown, we have been thinking hard about how we can re-open to our families in a safe manner, allowing the little ones to play safely, and ensuring that cleanliness, as always is at the height of our agenda.

For families that visited us regularly before lockdown, you will know that cleanliness has always been our number one priority and this will only continue now we can re-open. As a mother to a three year old little boy, who plays in Woodland Play Patch regularly, I want to ensure our environment is safe for him, for me, our staff and for our gorgeous families.

Although we know that children will not social distance, we will ask for parents to be cautious when using the center. We have created play stations for our toys and allocated over 1M gaps between each station. We have done this, in an attempt to ensure that if one child is playing on one station, they will be over a meter apart from the child at the next station and that by reducing the numbers of children there will be enough space within the center for children to play safely.

We will be re-opening on the 2nd of September and will open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to begin with. We are implementing two booked sessions 9.30am till 11am and 12.30pm till 2pm to allow for reduced numbers and thorough cleaning.

Bookings are to be made through phone, email or on social media to allow us to control the attendance easier. Please book as a group if you want to share a table with family or friends.

Click here to book:

Payment will need to be made through bank transfer to confirm your booking. All moving children are £4 each and babes in arms are free. Private hire will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays and will be £25 per session. This will allow you to meet with friends and family in the comfort of a space exclusively for your party.

All bookings will be required to provide a telephone number for Track and Trace which will be kept on file for 21 days.

During our staged opening, we will not be providing our normal food menu and instead will simplify our café to provide tea, coffee, softs drinks, snacks, cake and sweet treats. Our plan is to add a third session into the schedule which is when we will re-introduce our full food menu.

We have been working through lockdown, to put together new procedures, policies and routines to ensure our families feel safe and to reduce the spread of the virus. We have put some of our new measures below which is not exhaustive and will be amended as we open and come to grips with our new normal.

  • Exclusive Hire for 1.5 hours for family bubbles and friendship bubbles on selective days.

  • Temperature checks on arrival.

  • Staff wearing visors when serving customers.

  • Booking slots ensuring limited numbers of adults children will be in attendance at any one time.

  • 1.5 hour cleaning slots to ensure all toys are cleaned and disinfected between sessions.

  • Demister and fogging machines which will be safely disinfecting the premises and toys while the children play.

  • Card Payments only

  • No hand written sign in sheet

  • Sneeze Screens have been placed at entry points for extra protection

  • Staff will be wearing PPE

  • Heating may not be available at the beginning so please wear an extra jumper

  • Our own track and trace system, ensuring all entering provide us with contact details should anyone on the premises show symptoms at a later date.

  • No Pushchairs to be brought into the shop (unless necessary)

  • 2M markers outside of our building for people to wait if someone is entering before them.

  • Hand Sanitizer station on entry, all entering must sanitize their hands

  • A table has been moved into the baby area allowing for two metre distancing between all tables

  • A high chair has been allocated to each table instead of having them stacked for parents to help themselves (extra highchairs are available)

  • All utensils and condiments have been removed from tables and will be given out when food or drink is ordered

  • Hand Sanitizer is available on all tables

  • Food is only to be consumed at the table and children are not to wander around the venue with food

  • All soft toys, cushions, book and toys that are difficult to clean have been removed

  • Play stations have been created with 1M gaps to create space for the children while they play

  • Our children’s sinks have now been fitted with a towel dispenser and a bin to be used as a wash station instead of using toilets every time a customer wishes to wash their hands

  • All touch surface bins in the toilets have been replaced with pedal bins

  • Free fruit and juice will still be available but a member of staff will pour and hand over the fruit to reduce contamination of multiple touches

  • Only a staff member will pick up any lose items on the counter top. Please do not help yourself.

  • Where possible, only one staff member will be working at one time to limit numbers in the centre.

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